Combustion Repair

Sitting in the heart of ACT’s 15 acre complex is “Building A” the Combustion Repair Area of Excellence. If you are looking for a one stop shop for your combustion overhauls, look no further. This building is home to the craftsman, tooling, fixturing and equipment essential in the repair of Combustion Components such as Liners, Transition Pieces and other Combustion Hardware.




Facility Equipment & Capabilities

Vacuum Furnace
ACT utilizes a Horizontal Loading Vacuum Furnace HR66x60 with Load Capacities of 2000lbs at 2400°F in a 48” x 48” x 60” workzone. ACT’s stringent maintenance and calibration schedule allow this furnace to operate extremely clean with vacuum levels consistently in the 10-4 Torr Range with best in industry temperature uniformity. Who do you trust to heat treat your parts?

Technician Capacity
Shop A is outfitted with (16) repair stations with full TIG welding capabilities that can be staffed 24hrs.

Fixtures (Partial List)

  • ACT has invested in a significant amount of tooling and fixturing to handle most Gas Turbine makes and models. Below is a partial list of ACT Combustion Fixturing and tooling located in Shop A.
  • W501F, F7FA, F7B-EA, F6B Transition Piece Fixture – FULL 360° CDC and R1 Vane Simulator
  • W501D5, W501D5A, W501AA, F7FA, W501B, F5P Transition Piece – Single Checking Fixtures
  • W501F, W501D24, W501D5 Basket Stacking and Clocking Fixtures
  • W501F Support Housing and Rocket Replacement Fixture
  • Various Jacking, checking and heat treating fixtures

Other Services offered in the facility

  • Blasting
  • Small Part Manufacturing / Machining
  • Spot Welding

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