Siemens Westinghouse

At ACT we specialize in the fast, expert repair of industrial gas turbine components including hot gas path and combustion components. Capabilities include blades, vanes, ring segments, blade rings, inter-stage seal housings, compressor diaphragms, transition pieces, baskets clamshells and pilot nozzles/support housings. We offer a truly comprehensive range of products for Siemens Westinghouse heavy duty gas turbines. Our repair capabilities cater directly to the latest style parts for both generator and mechanical driven turbines.


The ACT Difference
Our uncompromising focus on high quality craftsmanship is an essential part of our strategy. Our staff’s personal integrity and character spills over into their work. You know when you work with ACT that you’re getting the very best solution for your repair needs.

ACT has expertise with the following Westinghouse gas turbine engines:


  • W91/W92/W101
  • W171/W191
  • W251
  • W501AA – D24
  • W501B2-B6
  • W501D5
  • W501D5A (SGT6-3000E)
  • W501F (SGT6-5000F)


W101/W191 Gas Turbine
Since the 1950’s, the W101 / W191 engine frame, manufactured by Westinghouse and its ex licensee/partners, has proven to be a reliable, low maintenance, and highly serviceable power train for our customers. Although few still operate today, ACT has the necessary repair fixtures and processes to repair most components.

W251 Gas Turbine
Designed around 1970, the Westinghouse W251 evolution to the B8 present configuration has been based on new technologies introduction. The Westinghouse W251 gas turbine is a single-shaft, axial-flow heavy industrial gas turbine, with cold end power drive, in the 45-55 MW class.  The machine is available for 50 Hz and 60 Hz operation. Although there are not as many operating as were during the 70’s and 80’s, there are several of these units still providing reliable power today. The personnel at ACT have extensive repair knowledge with these units; call us today for more information.

W501 Gas Turbine
The Westinghouse W501D gas turbine was developed jointly by Westinghouse Electric and Fiat. These huge single-shaft units generally operate at 3600 rpm to generate 60-Hz power. Special attention is given to design and development of cooling systems for the hot-section components, both during transient conditions and normal operation. These units have evolved over time with the W501F (SGT6-5000F) becoming a major player in today’s power generation market.

Components Repaired

  • Row 1 Blades
  • Row 2 Blades
  • Row 3 Blades
  • Row 4 Blades
  • Row 1 Vanes
  • Row 2 Vanes
  • Row 3 Vanes
  • Row 4 Vanes
  • Row 1 through 4 Ring Segments
  • Transition Pieces (Low NOx & Standard)
  • Floating Seals
  • Clamshells
  • Combustion Baskets (Low NOx & Standard)
  • Compressor Diaphragms
  • Inter-stage Seal Housings
  • Compressor Blade Rings
  • Pilot Nozzles
  • Support Housings

Repair Capabilities
ACT has some of the most comprehensive repair capabilities on the market today.

  • Media Blast Cleaning
  • NDE Inspection
  • Weld Repairs
  • Coupon/Patch/Insert Repairs
  • Minor, Medium and Major Partition Repairs
  • Diaphragm Packing Bore Repairs
  • State of the Art Vacuum Heat Treating
  • Dimensional Restoration
  • Dimensional Inspection
  • Coatings (Including TBC and DVC-Type)
  • Component Upgrades (Extender Kits) – Including a W501F Provisional Patented process
  • Bolt Removal and Replacement
  • Modifications
  • Sonic Nozzle Airflow Testing
  • Moment Weigh and Sequencing
  • Fixture Verification

Repairing Gas Turbine Equipment is one of many services ACT Independent Turbo Services offer. ACT is here to serve you—our number one goal is to quickly meet your needs with high quality craftsmanship unparalleled in the market, on time and on budget. It’s more than just a service; it’s our commitment to you. With in-house Engineering and Metallurgical staff, we can partner with our customers to develop innovative solutions and provide services to lower your operating costs. Our goal is to make you as successful and your every interaction with our knowledgeable staff conveys that purpose. Great products and services backed by great people.

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